• Nov.16,2023

    Solitaire Grand Harvest +82 Freebies

    A FREE GIFT is available for charm collectors who complete their Chinese Charm collection. Share your favorite piece and answer a riddle to receive a surprise gift. The Chinese Charm collection focuses on Feng Shui, and tips for harmony include avoiding sharp edges, steering clear of doors, and keeping the room green. Join Tony the penguin and check your zodiac sign for a chilling surprise.

  • Nov.12,2023

    Solitaire Grand Harvest +42 Freebies

    Tony has arrived at the seasonal park, making it the best ski resort ever. To receive a FREE gift, comment "SKI LOVER" and solve the word puzzle. If you get it right, you'll receive a gift via DM. As the Farm Fair ends, share your favorite ride of the season and receive a final gift from Hayley via DM.

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