• Dec.03,2023

    Bejeweled 640+ Free Gems

    Claim Gift offers daily spins on GELATINITE, Cyber Monday Boost Unlock Sale, and Rare Gems. Enjoy a FREE OPALOPE on Sunday and Black Friday countdown. Enjoy Blitzgiving Feast Community Event, where players can participate in match-3 contests and enjoy delicious treats. Mobile users should wait for page loading before clicking 'Claim Gift'.

  • Nov.26,2023

    Bejeweled 640+ Free Gems

    Black Friday offers amazing deals on Rare Gems, while the Blitzgiving Feast Community Event invites overeating. Shareable GELATITES are now available, and a Pine Sunday is celebrated with a FREE RARE GEM. Participants must be 18+ to participate. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and share highscores with friends.

  • Nov.19,2023

    Bejeweled 98+ Free Gems

    Deluxe Spin offers a FREE Rare Gem, GELATINITE, which can be collected during a grape Sunday. Players can also enjoy sweet highscores with Gemma in Blitz Quest. Mobile users should wait for the page to load before clicking on 'Claim Gift'.

  • Nov.12,2023

    Bejeweled 61+ Free Gems

    The Blitzoween Special Spin Sale offers a FREE chance to collect the rare gem, GELATINITE, and a FREE HONEY BUNNY. Players can also collect the Pink Widow, a rare gem, to make their Sunday more enjoyable. Mobile users should wait for the page to load before clicking on the 'Claim Gift'.

  • Nov.05,2023

    Bejeweled 79+ Free Gems

    Blitzoween Special Spin Sale offers FREE rewards, including a rare gem: Pink Widow. Blitzoween offers on rare gems, higher rewards in Events, and spooktacular highscores at hauntingly low prices. Grab them now to enjoy the fun and excitement of Blitzoween.

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