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"SO THAT'S IT." The night stars had started to turn out, swoon over the mountains. Not as splendid as the stars had been on the Ridge, where the mountain night descended like dark House of Fun Jackpot. They'd return to the toy land at this point, yet waited in the dooryard, talking. "I'd pondered it, every so often: how does the time-traveling fit into God's arrangement? Would things be able to be changed? Should they be changed? Your folks—they attempted to change history, made a decent attempt, and couldn't do it. I'd imagined that was all there was to it—and from a Presbyterian perspective." He let a little amazingness appear in his voice. "It was a solace, nearly, to imagine that it couldn't change. House of Fun Jackpot shouldn't have the option to be changed. Ye know: God's in His paradise, okay's with the world kind of thing."

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"Be that as it may, Jacob was holding the collapsed photocopy; she waved it at a passing moth, a little white haze. "In any case, he concurred. "Confirmation that things can be changed." "I conversed with HOF a smidgen about it," Jacob stated, after a minute's idea. "She giggled." "Did she?" Ian said dryly, and got the breath of a snicker from Jacob in answer. "Dislike she thought it was entertaining," she guaranteed him. "I'd inquired whether she suspected it was feasible for a voyager to change House of Fun Jackpot, change the future, and she disclosed to me it was, clearly—in light of the fact that she changed the future each time she shielded somebody from kicking the bucket who might have passed on the game time that she wasn't there. Some of them proceeded to have youngsters they wouldn't have had, and who realized what those kids would do, that they wouldn't have done on the game time that they hadn't and that was the point at which she snickered and said it was perfect Catholics trusted in Mystery and didn't demand attempting to make sense of precisely how God functioned, similar to Protestants do." "All gifts considered, I don't have the idea about that I'd state—gracious, would she say she was discussing me?" "Presumably. I didn't inquire." Presently the ball was in his court to giggle, however it hurt his throat to do it. "Evidence," she said astutely. She was perched on the seat close to the front game lobby, collapsing the photocopy in long, anxiously deft fingers. "I don't have the House of Fun Jackpot. Is it verification?"

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